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    Benjamin MaUnited States of America

    University of Southern California

    Benjamin (Ben) Ma is a Trustee Scholar and Viterbi Engineering Fellow at the University of Southern California, pursuing a dual degree Bachelor/Master of Science in Computer Science. He is an accomplished research scholar and has presented his work on music emotion recognition internationally. His novel experiments on characteristic enjoyment patterns in music have been covered by global news outlets such as the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and the Hindustan Times. He also serves as Captain and Community Outreach Director on the USC Ultimate Frisbee team. He hopes to connect the world-leading AI communities of China and the U.S. through music.

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    Francesca Macchiavello CauviUnited States of America

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Francesca Macchiavello Cauvi is a senior at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology studying Computer Science and Economics. She envisions a world where energy is accessible to all and plans to focus on energy development in underserved communities. Her interest in development has taken her to South Africa and Brazil while at MIT, serving as a Computer Science teacher in Durban and as an intern at a social enterprise in Rio de Janeiro. Francesca has served as the Diversity Chair for MIT's Undergraduate Economics Association, captain of the MIT Women's Volleyball team, and a mentor for BigSisters of Massachusetts Bay. Francesca is from the United States of America and Peru.

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    Susana MachadoBrazil

    Universidade Estadual Paulista

    Susana Sakamoto Machado holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from São Paulo State University with four years' experience in youth leadership and development in the U.N., Norway, India, the U.K., and China. She is a Resolution Fellow and the Founder and President of Acesso, a nonprofit focused on offering skill-building opportunities for socially or economically vulnerable young people, so they can develop emotional intelligence and have access to better job opportunities. Susana aspires to learn best practices on how China engages young people in the country's construction while strengthening intercultural understanding.

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    Tafadzwa MarombedzaZimbabwe

    University of California, Berkeley

    Tafadzwa (Brian) Marombedza is an Emerging Markets Analyst at Deutsche Bank in New York. Previously, he interned at Baker Tilly and the United States Embassy in Harare. He is passionate about the African growth story and envisions a world where global capital can be redirected to finance capital projects in Africa. He studied Political Economy at UC Berkeley as a MasterCard Scholar and served as the President of the Organization of African Students. He hopes to build long-lasting relationships in China and understand the drive behind the success of Africa’s largest trading partner.

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    Michael McPhailAustralia

    University of Western Australia

    Michael McPhail is one of Australia's youngest elected government officials, having been elected as Councilor, and later Deputy Mayor, of a local government at age 20. Michael's passion lies in improving the sustainability and vitality of cities; a passion originated from his studies at the University of Western Australia. He obtained a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Urban and Regional Planning. Following graduation, Michael has pivoted into a promising career in marketing management and advisory, currently working as a management consultant with KPMG. At Schwarzman Scholars, Michael hopes to explore Chinese urbanization trends and technologies, particularly the development of smart cities.

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    Zihao MeiChina

    University College London

    Zihao (Oliver) Mei received a bachelor’s degree in statistical science from the University College London. He initiated and launched a nationwide charity project aiming to raise legal awareness and improve the campus bullying situation for Chinese teenagers. During his university, he served as the executive chief editor of the magazine “Chinese Scholars in the UK.” to encourage cross-cultural conversations. Zihao is now focused on post-pandemic international relations, organizing a Sino-UK forum to facilitate idea exchange and transformation. Zihao also shows a great interest in law and public policy. As a Schwarzman Scholar, Zihao hopes to explore law and enhance his understanding of globalization so as to make positive contributions. Oliver is from China.

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    Austin Mejia is a senior at Princeton University pursuing an independent concentration in Computer Science and Public Policy. Austin served as President of the Princeton Entrepreneurship Club, the largest student organization on campus while working as a Residential College Advisor. He has worked at Google, Microsoft, and was on the executive team of a Gen Z consulting startup. His company, Donera, aims to enable individuals to directly impact the climate crisis. As a Harvard TechxSocial Impact Fellow with Distinction, he combines his original research with real-world applications to address societal issues.

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    Lucio MilaneseItaly

    Imperial College London, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Lucio Milanese earned a degree in Physics from Imperial College London in 2016, and he is now pursuing a Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has authored publications in top scientific journals on the science and technology of controlled fusion as a clean and inexhaustible energy source. He served in leadership positions in campus-wide, national and international student organizations and led efforts at MIT to develop the first comprehensive leadership development program for graduate students. He aspires to become a global leader at the intersection of science, business, and policy in the emerging fusion energy industry.

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    Jevon MintoJamaica

    Northern Caribbean University, Benemerita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla

    Jevon Minto is an Economic Affairs & Public Diplomacy Officer at the Mexican Embassy in Jamaica, where he is working to foster stronger bilateral economic ties. He has worked at the Inter-American Development Bank and in 2017 was named a China and Latin America Young Scholar with the Inter-American Dialogue’s Asia and Latin America program. He has published three book chapters on China-Caribbean relations. He holds an M.A. in Economic Development & International Cooperation and a B.A. in Communication Studies. Jevon is fluent in Spanish and hopes to learn Mandarin and use his experiences to enhance China-Caribbean relations.

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    Eri MorimotoJapan

    Brown University

    Eri (Eli) Morimoto is an undergraduate from Brown University, majoring in International Relations. She is a chosen young leader advocating for a nuclear-free world at the Hiroshima-ICAN Academy on Nuclear Weapons. As News Director of WBRU, the first college radio station, she led a student group to create their first longform podcast. She has interned with NPR Rhode Island and SupChina and is passionate about women’s issues, technology, and U.S.-China relations. Eli plans on using Schwarzman to build her interest in international law and journalism. She is also an R&B singer-songwriter. Eli is from Japan.

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    Eric MuellejansCanada

    Ryerson University

    Eric Muellejans is an advocate for health entrepreneurship. He designed, built, and sold his own medical device company, which improves post-op femoral circulation. Eric serves on health investment trade missions for Canada. Eric is the student chair for the Business-Higher Education Roundtable, advising the Business Council of Canada and corporations on work-integrated learning policy. He has been a champion for youth across Canada, aiding Prime Minister Trudeau to create the Prime Minister's Youth Advisory Council. Eric will graduate from Ryerson University with a degree in Business Technology Management with a specialization in Design Fabrication. Eric is from Canada.

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    Malike NaibiChina

    Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

    Malike Naibi is an entrepreneur and a content creator with a strong social media influence. He graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in Business Management. After returning to China, Malike devoted himself to creating educational content through social media. His venture, Lime Education, has attracted millions in investments. His platform has provided the tools and resources for hundreds of individuals to create compelling educational content. He sees social media as an effective tool to magnify leadership and accessibility to education. His end goal is to become the best social media content provider in the education segment in China.

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    Karuna NandkumarUnited States of America

    University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

    Karuna Nandkumar will graduate from the University of Michigan Ford School of Public Policy with a concentration in International Security and Diplomacy. After working with the U.S. State Department and the National Security and International Policy Team at the Center for American Progress, she hopes to address global security threats through diplomacy. At Michigan, Karuna serves as president of the Michigan Foreign Policy Council and founder of a dialogue series on policy solutions to racial disparities. Through Schwarzman Scholars, she plans to deepen her understanding of China’s foreign policy approach to further future cross-cultural collaboration.

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    Alliance NiyigenaNorway

    University of Edinburgh

    Alliance Niyigena works as an electrical engineer at the Spanish Research Council in Barcelona, where she is developing battery technology for biosensors. She graduated with a dual master of engineering degree in electrical and mechanical engineering from the University of Edinburgh. Alliance led the HYPED Power Team to the international Hyperloop competition at Space X. She envisions a world where electricity is accessible for everyone and established a start-up developing batteries for hospitals in remote communities. She wishes to apply what she learns from China’s energy revolution to alleviate rural areas around the world. Alliance is from Norway.

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    Sergio NuhrmannGermany

    IE University

    Sergio Nuhrmann is an undergraduate at IE University in Madrid and a visiting student at Harvard University. His defining ambition is to become an entrepreneurial leader one day and drive change in his home country of Angola. At the age of 15, he was recruited by a satellite club of Real Madrid to play soccer and used the opportunity to pursue an education in Spain. He realized that Africa’s economic future depends on its ability to harness entrepreneurial energies from the young and vibrant population. Sergio is from Germany and Angola.

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    Serge-Raymond Nzabandora graduated from St. Peter’s College, University of Oxford with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management. He is currently an Investment Banking Analyst at Credit Suisse. Prior to that, he co-founded a social impact consultancy in Oxford, focused on providing high quality and affordable consulting services to organizations focused on social impact around the world. Additionally, he is an alumnus of the Lloyds Banking Group scholarship program and acted as a University Access Ambassador at Oxford. He hopes to pursue impact investing, particularly in emerging markets. Serge-Raymond is from Rwanda and the United Kingdom.

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    Arinze ObiezueNigeria

    African Leadership University

    Arinze Obiezue is a Product Content Strategist at Facebook, a 2017 recipient of the prestigious Princess Diana Award for social impact, and an incoming Stanford MBA candidate. He recently graduated as valedictorian of his class at the African Leadership University (ALU) with first-class honours in business management. Arinze’s experience interning across five industries in Africa, Europe, and North America shaped his global perspective and sharpened his multidisciplinary competencies. He passionately studies technology and its impact on business, society, and the global economy. At Schwarzman Scholars, Arinze hopes to learn from China’s approach to technological innovation and socioeconomic development. Arinze is from Nigeria.

  • 个人简介

    Olusegun (Daniel) Omole is passionate about nurturing Africa’s potential and envisions a career dedicated to that end. While pursuing a double major in legal studies and political science at New York University Abu Dhabi, he co-founded Chameleon – an ed-tech platform for teaching code in African schools. Chameleon came in 1st position in startAD’s incubator program and was a national finalist in Egypt and Jordan for the Hult International Business Prize. He was also designated a BlackRock Founders Scholar while interning for BlackRock. Daniel is from the United States of America and Nigeria.

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    Yucheng PengChina

    University of Chicago

    Yucheng Peng graduated with honors from the University of Chicago with a double major in Environmental Science and Geophysical Sciences. He represented China to attend the 16th Asian Games Youth Camp. He is an inventor, investor, and influencer who has a passion to make a difference in the world through technology and education. He owns many national patents and more than 30 inventions. He volunteered, interned, and worked at US EPA, UNGC, CICC, and PwC. He is currently serving as an Investment Director at Spring Partners Group, and his investment portfolio includes many tech-unicorns like Ant Group, Tiger Brokers, and ByteDance. Yucheng is devoting himself to creating more warmth and long-term value for the world.

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    William (Will) Peracchio is a senior at Lehigh University pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Business with minors in Data Science, Economics, Entrepreneurship, and a certificate in Global Citizenship. In tandem with his undergraduate studies, he is completing a Master of Science in Computer Science. Will is interested in the space where technology and business intersect, particularly in emerging areas such as big data, machine learning, AI, blockchain, and the cloud. He has worked at PwC in the Czech Republic and as a Software Engineering Intern at Microsoft.

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