• Samuel Curtis is a researcher and policy analyst with interests that span the ethics and governance of emerging (bio)technology, from large language models and synthetic media to biometric surveillance tools and gene drive technology. His Schwarzman Scholars Capstone report on China's facial recognition technology during the COVID-19 pandemic received an Outstanding Capstone Award from Schwarzman Scholars and contributed to a Beijing Academy of AI publication. His past employment includes designing cancer therapeutics in a Seattle biotech, teaching English in Central Asia, and conducting research on North Korea's nuclear program with the former Economic Advisor to the President of Kazakhstan.

  • SANGYA GYAWALIUnited States Of America

    University Of Pittsburgh

    Sangya Gyawali graduated with a bachelor’s in Economics and Anthropology from the University of Pittsburgh. She is a Lead Analyst at the Bank of New York Mellon and the co-founder of BeamData, a social tech venture that builds technology to provide relevant data insights to governments and businesses. She seeks to strengthen Chinese-American collaboration to improve financial and social inclusion for mutual business and technological advancement. She is a data fellow at a MIT think tank and serves on the Board of Directors for a local business and investment incubator. Sangya is Nepalese-American.

  • SEYOUNG LEESouth Korea

    Yale University

    Seyoung Lee graduated summa cum laude from Yale University in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in Ethics, Politics, and Economics. At Yale, she founded Open Doors, an organization helping undocumented students to access higher education. After graduating, she worked as the Program Manager of SuperCharger FinTech Accelerator, scouting promising startups in Asia. Currently, she works as an Analyst at Sagamore Investments in Hong Kong, investing in Chinese startups in the FinTech and AI sectors. Seyoung is passionate about how technology enables financial inclusion. Through the Schwarzman Scholars program, she hopes to dive deeper into the Chinese startup ecosystem and research the applicability of Chinese startup business models in emerging economies.


    Renmin University Of China

    Shanshan He graduated from Renmin University of China with a degree in English Language and Literature. She is interested in reducing social inequality and bridging the digital divide, which led her to work in a Chinese edtech company which offers one-stop teaching products and education service solutions for educational institutions. During the two-year gap between undergraduate study and Schwarzman Scholars, Shanshan was active in advocating meaningful youth participation by representing young people on the Standing Council of a national NGO and an INGO (IPPF) board, with her experience in the on-the-ground activities,  services, and campaigns which reached over 100k youth.


    Erasmus University Rotterdam

    Shubhojit Ghose graduated from Erasmus University Rotterdam with a bachelor's degree in Economics. Shubhojit is a part of the Strategy team of ReNew Power, India's largest renewable energy company, working to accelerate India's energy transition. Previously, he worked at Selco, where his research documented grassroots innovations in India, and at Philips, where he worked on the calculation of the company's carbon footprint. Shubhojit is passionate about sustainability, the energy transition, and using technology to scale primary education access.

  • Sophie Zinser graduated from Wesleyan University, where she co-founded the Wesleyan Refugee Project, the largest student group on campus. Committed to supporting disenfranchised populations, Sophie has worked in international development management with the International Rescue Committee's Emergency Team in New York. Last year on a Fulbright scholarship to Jordan, she led innovative research on safety risks to rural and refugee women. As the Deputy Director of Syria Direct in Amman, Sophie currently manages a team of thirty-five and leads the media nonprofit’s expansion into Yemen and Iraq. At Schwarzman College, Sophie will study China’s growing influence in foreign aid.

  • SUET YUNG TANGHong Kong Sar, China

    The University Of Hong Kong

    Suet Yung (Alice) Tang graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a bachelor’s degree in Politics and Public Administration and Geography. She currently serves as Project Officer at the Hospital Authority in Hong Kong SAR.

  • Swapnil Agrawal is a senior at the University of Georgia where he is pursuing degrees in International Affairs and Economics. He is interested in reshaping international institutions to improve their credibility and influence. During his undergraduate career, Swapnil facilitated U.S.-EU economic integration projects through the Georgia Department of Economic Development in Munich and assisted the Legal Resources Centre with human rights litigation in Johannesburg. As a Schwarzman Scholar, he hopes to gain a Chinese perspective on international law and develop public policy skills before attending Harvard Law School.

  • TAYLER ULMERUnited States Of America

    School Of Oriental And African Studies, University Of London, Spelman College

    Tayler Ulmer is a proud south side-Chicagoan. As a cultural anthropologist, she is a facilitator, listener, co-creator, observer, interpreter, and cultural broker. Her work relies on her ability to connect international development's most influential implications to cultural practices--especially those that impact girls--and effectively document the exchanges that these two spheres of influence may have. She is committed to identifying the varying cross-sections of international development, education, and cultural literacy. Prior to becoming a Schwarzman Scholar, she worked with organizations such as More Than Me, a school network in Liberia, as well as the World Bank, British Parliament, the Royal African Society, and Harvard University. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Spelman College and earned a master’s degree in the Social Anthropology of Development from the School for Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London, UK. Her efforts have been recognized and she is the recipient of the prestigious Marshall and Truman scholarships.

  • Taylor Wong graduated magna cum laude from Cornell University with bachelor's degrees in History and Spanish, as well as minors in East Asian, Latin American, and Asian American Studies. She is the founder of Cornell's Association for International Human Rights and has worked for Goldman Sachs, regulating the derivative and equity sales desks, and at WeWork in the real estate strategy group. She is passionate about issues pertaining to the global Chinese diaspora and wrote her undergraduate thesis about the Chinese Cuban experience. Taylor is a former Division I athlete, wellness aspirant, and baked goods aficionado.



    National University Of Mongolia

    Temuulen Maidar attended the National University of Mongolia on a full government scholarship and graduated with first-class honors. He holds undergraduate degrees in Diplomacy and Accounting. Temuulen currently works as a fund management analyst at the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Mongolia. He served as a youth advisor during the 2016 Mongolian parliamentary elections directing youth outreach initiatives to increase voter participation. Temuulen hopes to strengthen bilateral relations between China and Mongolia perhaps by incorporating Chinese technology into the Mongolian market.

  • Theodore (Ted) Breyer graduated from Harvard University with a focus on History and East Asian studies. Ted worked at a blockchain company in Beijing, Circle Financial, before founding a blockchain research group at Harvard and a bootstrapped venture fund: Breyer Labs. Ted currently manages, through Breyer Labs and Breyer Capital, a diverse portfolio of companies from the U.S., China, and Africa. The funds invest in technology and social impact companies.


    Federal University Of Minas Gerais

    Thiago Chang holds a Chemical Engineering degree from Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais. He worked at Bain & Company for four years, developing projects in South America focused on education, transportation, and mining. Thiago has experience working in the public sector of Ethiopia, where he managed nationwide transformation projects in agriculture, and he also worked at human rights and education NGOs in Laos and Zimbabwe. Thiago is currently a Manager in the Strategic Initiatives team at TechnoServe, developing business solutions for smallholder farmers to help alleviate poverty in Africa and Latin America.



    Singapore Management University

    Toshin Sequeira graduated from Singapore Management University with a bachelor's degree in Economics, Public Policy, and Public Management. He has represented both India and Singapore at international leadership events. Toshin and his student council team were also recognized by the Singapore Prime Minister's Office for their exemplary work in promoting the integration of different cultures and nationalities. He was subsequently conferred with the President's Award for his service to the University and the nation of Singapore. Toshin aspires to play a leading role in championing international development by providing affordable, accessible and reliable financial services to migrant workers.

  • TOURE OWENUnited States Of America

    University Of California, Berkeley

    Toure Owen is a 2016 graduate of the University of California Berkeley where he majored in Political Science. Prior to joining Schwarzman Scholars, Toure was supporting Small and Medium Size business development for Sub-Saharan Africa. After a year at Schwarzman College, Toure will pursue his MBA at Stanford's Graduate School of Business.

  • VARUN SHARMAUnited States Of America

    University Of Virginia

    Varun Sharma is a consultant in Mastercard’s Data & Services division, where he focuses on statistics and business experimentation. While at Schwarzman Scholars, he conducted research on impact investing in China, taught Latin dance classes, and played on the men’s basketball and soccer teams. Varun graduated from the University of Virginia in May 2019 with a double major in Commerce and Economics. Outside of the classroom, he served as an advocate in student misconduct trials and the founder of HooThinks, an organization that provided consulting services to student groups.

  • VERONICA CHUAUnited States Of America

    Georgia Institute Of Technology

    Veronica Chua is a Woodruff Scholar and Emory/Georgia Tech dual degree graduate who studied Mathematics, Economics, and Industrial Engineering. As an undergraduate, she learned how to create end-to-end value by interning at Nestlé USA, The Home Depot, and Roark Capital Group. As a Schwarzman Scholar, she wrote her Capstone report on how rising package delivery has increased the logistics industry's carbon dioxide emissions and overall environmental footprint. After graduating from Schwarzman Scholars, Veronica joined McKinsey & Company as a consultant and is pursuing the two-year Operations Excellence Program. As part of the Manufacturing & Supply Chain service line, she helps clients design and implement operational strategies to boost productivity of key processes.

  • VIRAJ PATELUnited States Of America

    United States Naval Academy

    Viraj Patel graduated with distinction from the United States Naval Academy in 2019 with a degree in Mathematics. He currently serves in the American military as an intelligence officer with a specialty in cryptology. Viraj is from Thomasville, Georgia in the United States.

  • WEIXUN HUChina

    Tianjin Normal University, University College London

    Weixun now serves as an associate social affairs officer at United Nations ESCAP.  Weixun aspires to seek developmental solutions to tackle poverty and income disparity, and successfully passed the UN YPP Exam. Prior to joining UN ESCAP, Weixun earned his master's degree from University College London, and worked in UN DESA in New York, European Parliament in Brussels, UN FAO in Rome, and the World Economic Forum in Beijing. During his study at Schwarzman Scholars, Weixun completed his academic capstone project in econometric research studying whether China can escape the Middle Income Trap.


    East China University

    Wenchao Yu is CEO of Bright Summit Asset Management, a China-based fund of funds (FOF). He designed and launched the first security fund to be approved by the Asset Management Association of China in 2014. Prior to founding Bright Summit, Wenchao was a partner at Lingwang Asset Management (a hedge fund with RMB 2 billion in Assets Under Management), a senior PM at Yaozhi Asset Management, and a lawyer who participated in Sino-U.S. real estate merger and acquisition deals. He holds an LL.B. from East China University of Political Science and Law, and has a BAR License.

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