• Siyu LEIChina

    University of Missouri

    After two years working in the development and digital communication sectors in Yangon, Myanmar, Siyu LEI is propelled to focus on the emerging countries in the world, and how information in the age of technology changes the lives of the poor. Siyu graduated with Journalism and Economics dual degrees, and has since integrated her experience working for established media outlets like NPR and Dow Jones with what she sees daily in Southeast Asia and beyond. When she's not researching developing countries, she's working on the Mandarin feminism podcast she founded, which has had more than half a million downloads.

  • Sveto Muhammad IshoqAfghanistan

    American University of Afghanistan

    Sveto Muhammad Ishoq lives in Kabul, studying Business Administration with a major in Accounting at the American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) on a full scholarship award from the United States Embassy. Sveto is a women's rights activist shown through her writings for the Afghan Women’s Writing Project and the Anna May Project. She co-founded the University Success Club and has held many leadership roles at AUAF. She volunteers as a program support person and a team leader for Everywoman Everywhere project, where she works on an International Treaty on Violence against Women. She is fluent in Dari, Russian, English, and Tajik. Sveto is passionate about empowering women through economic independence.

  • Tanay JaeelUnited States of America

    University of California, Berkeley

    Tanay Jaeel graduated from Berkeley where he majored in Business Administration. He joined the Schwarzman Scholars program to study topics at the intersection of Technology and Public Policy, such as misinformation and cybersecurity. After Schwarzman Scholars, Tanay has focused on building fintech products at Google and Stripe, and continued his research on misinformation as an Assembly Fellow with Harvard’s Berkman Klein Center.

  • Tang TangChina

    Renmin University of China

    Tang TANG is a Schwarzman Scholar of the third cohort and concentrated in Public Policy and Economics & Business during his years at Tsinghua University. He graduated in June 2018 from Renmin University of China with a bachelor's degree in both Finance and Applied Mathematics. TANG currently works for Temasek and focuses on private and public investment opportunities in Consumer and Sustainability segments.

  • Tomas LuksicChile

    Columbia University

    Tomas Luksic is a senior studying Economics at Columbia University. He is part of the leadership board for the Undergraduate Committee on Global Thought (UCGT) at Columbia University. Tomas first visited China in 2014, where he was enrolled at Beijing Language and Culture University. Since then, he has worked for Freeport-McMoRan and McKinsey & Company. As a Schwarzman Scholar, Tomas hopes to develop a deeper understanding of Sino-Latin American relations; sustainable development, technology & innovation and education. Tomas is from the United Kingdom and Chile.

  • Trevor WrobleskiUnited States of America

    Johns Hopkins University

    Trevor Wrobleski is a Johns Hopkins University graduate, having studied neuroscience and public health with a concentration in quantitative risk assessment. His work has spanned finance (biotech equity research), environmental and biological risk assessment, ESG consulting, and health strategy and operations (including HIV in Ghana, tuberculosis in India, injuries in Jamaica, and cancer in Rwanda). As a Schwarzman Scholar, he studied exchange mechanisms for non-priceable goods and applied this research to kidney exchanges in China. Trevor is dedicated to creating a healthier and more prosperous world.

  • William DrexelUnited States of America

    Yale University, University of Cambridge

    William Drexel graduated from Yale University in 2016, Cambridge in 2018, and Tsinghua in 2019. He works in Washington, D.C. on issues of technology, governance, and human rights.

  • Willie J. Thompson was born in Selma, AL and grew up in Griffin, GA. After graduating from Morehouse, Willie served as an English Teaching Assistant (ETA) in Taichung, Taiwan with the Fulbright Program. For his contributions in the classroom and community, he was acknowledged as ETA of the year. After taking a leave of absence from The Bridgespan Group to join the third cohort of Schwarzman Scholars, Willie has since returned to Bridgespan. In his spare time, Willie can be found playing percussion, engaging in boisterous banter with friends, and honing his craft as a storyteller.

  • Wina HuangCanada

    Columbia University

    Wina Huang graduated summa cum laude from Columbia University with a bachelor’s in Economics-Mathematics and a special concentration in Business Management. Previously, she was a Royal Canadian Army Cadet for six years and led the national shooting program. She also worked as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs in the Technology, Media, and Telecom group in New York. After graduating from Schwarzman Scholars, Wina served as a Senior Scholar and corporate finance and strategy manager at an AI processor company, where she spearheaded global fundraising initiatives. Wina currently works on Strategy and Business Development at VMware.

  • Xuanhao ZHANGChina

    Peking University

    Xuanhao ZHANG graduated from Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, with a bachelor’s degree in Management. He is currently working at the Communist Youth League Committee of Peking University as Director of the Publicity and Investigation Department. At school, he served as vice president of the student union at Peking University, deputy secretary of the Communist Youth League Committee at Guanghua, and party secretary in his branch. He was supervised by renowned economist Li Yining and completed a systematic research on the New-Type Urbanization in China. As a music lover, he won the first prize for Bel Canto Solo in 2015 Chinese Vocal International Competition. He is dedicated to enhancing social fairness and the well-being of mankind. Xuanhao is 25 years old and from China.


  • Yajun YangChina

    Renmin University of China

    Yajun YANG graduated from Schwarzman Scholars, Tsinghua University in 2020. Prior to this, Yajun earned her bachelor's degree in Philosophy and Economics from Renmin University of China (RUC). She currently works on international relations and foreign affairs.

  • You LUChina

    Tsinghua University

    You LU is now a Ph.D. candidate in hydrology and water resources management, holding a Bachelor in Hydraulic Engineering and a second degree in Economics from Tsinghua. His research focuses on the feedbacks between water and human society, as well as the international rivers issues. You was a student counselor at Tsinghua, and  established a student association for international organizations and global governance as the co-founder and first president. He visited international organizations in Manila, Geneva and Vienna as a student representative of Tsinghua delegations, and invited several officials of international organizations to give lectures to students in China.

  • Youjin LeeSouth Korea

    Yonsei University

    Youjin Lee studied Science, Technology, and Policy at Yonsei University. She has researched bioethics in synthetic biology and public science communications as a journalist. Through her interdisciplinary experiences, she believes in the power of science and technology policy and is looking for a career in global cooperation in sustainable development. Youjin is the Asia winner of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization Youth Competition and of the Talent Award of Korea.

  • Yue WuChina

    Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

    Yue WU holds an honors degree in Real Estate from the National University of Singapore. While at NUS, she served as a student ambassador, led the peer advisory committee of the International Relations Office, received the Dean’s Honor List award and participated in an exchange scholarship. Through Schwarzman Scholars, Yue hopes to cultivate her leadership potential and build lasting partnerships.

  • Zezhou CAIChina

    Tsinghua University, Georgetown University

    Zezhou CAI graduated from Tsinghua University School of Law as valedictorian at the 2016 university-wide commencement ceremony. She is now a Ph.D. student in the School of Public Policy and Management at Tsinghua after completing a Master's degree at Georgetown University and Schwarzman Scholars. Her policy interest is in digital economy regulation and political economy of developing countries. Zezhou conducted many large-scale fieldwork research projects across China and interned at Brookings and the World Bank. In the future, Zezhou wants to contribute to the public discourse in China and the world.

  • Zheming LiuChina

    Tsinghua University

    Zheming Liu graduated from Schwarzman Scholars majoring in Global Affairs. Zheming currently works at the CITIC Group, focusing on financing, as well as risk management of liquidity, interest and FX, the commodity for the global business units.

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