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    Saudamini SharmaIndia

    The IIS University

    Saudamini Sharma is a Young India Fellow and a resident entrepreneur with Antler, a global early stage venture capital firm. She co-founded WebOasis Labs, a boutique Web3 design and engineering firm enabling entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life leveraging blockchain solutions, creating millions of dollars in value for small retail investors and enterprises. As a consultant with Deloitte she was nominated as the youngest member of the blockchain strategy team and has designed the cashflow reporting process for a Fortune 10 tech giant. She is now exploring China's role at the intersection of innovation, climate, and capital. Saudamini is from India.

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    Shivam DesaiUnited States

    University of Michigan

    Shivam Desai is a Manager of Strategic Partnerships at SoFi, based in New York City. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan, where he attained a bachelor's of business administration with additional concentrations in Political Science and Asian Studies. Previously, Shivam led a committee for a food rescue non-profit, successfully lobbied congressional leaders in Capitol Hill to gain votes for the Electrify Africa Act, and wrote an undergraduate thesis on the Indian millennial consumer. Shivam is eager to learn about China’s financial technology advancements and aspires to drive global financial accessibility through multilateral public-private partnerships. Shivam is from the United States.

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    Solomon J. Olshin studies Science, Technology & Society and International Relations at Pomona College. Solomon is founder and CEO of Shine Technologies, a public-benefit startup that manufactures solar equipment for people transitioning from homelessness. Solomon co-founded and co-directs Global Youth Entrepreneurs, a Former Soviet Union and Middle East-focused diplomatic exchange and entrepreneurship nonprofit. Solomon has worked in the U.S. and Israel as a sustainability consultant. As a Schwarzman Scholar, Solomon plans to develop diplomatic and professional ties, immerse himself in new perspectives, and deepen his connection to China as he pursues a career supporting global renewable energy and regenerative agricultural revolutions. Solomon is from the United States.

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    Sophia Bax-Wooten is a Dean's Scholar in the Ethel Waddell Githii Honors Program at Spelman College. She is majoring in Sociology with a pre-law concentration and double minor in African Diaspora Studies and Comparative Women’s Studies. Social justice stands at the core of her work as an advocate and ally within intellectual, professional, and personal spheres. Holding diverse leadership positions has set her on a trajectory of disruption -- disrupting traditions and trends of hate through diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. As a graduate, Sophia will use equity-conscious frameworks to secure dignity for people within the corporate landscape. Sophia Bax-Wooten is from the United States.

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    Sophia Santi GuevaraVenezuela

    Universidad Metropolitana

    Sophia Santi Guevara graduated with a Liberal Studies degree from Universidad Metropolitana. She is a U.S. Institute of Peace’s Youth Advisory Council Coordinator and Generation Change Fellow. Previously, Sophia led civic participation projects such as Foro Permanente de Juventudes, a political platform for young Venezuelan leaders. She has experience in policy and management. Her passion is to promote inclusive decision-making processes at all levels of government in Venezuela and Latin America. As a Schwarzman Scholar, Sophia wants to deepen her understanding of China’s political and economic influence in her country and identify opportunities for cultural and educational exchange. Sophia is from Venezuela.

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    Sophia YushchenkoUkraine

    New York University

    Sophia Yushchenko will graduate from NYU Abu Dhabi with a major in Legal Studies and minors in Political Science and Urbanization. Sophia is an entrepreneur who is passionate about the development of digitized and sustainable cities. She worked for a year in urban energy management in Silicon Valley and has advised the government of the United Arab Emirates on global outreach. She co-founded the NGO Connect Ukraine, which brings together social entrepreneurs and corporates, visionary innovators, and ethical hackers to brainstorm ideas, develop prototypes, and co-create projects able to define the future of Ukraine. Sophia is from Ukraine.

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    Tal FeldmanUnited States

    Wake Forest University

    Tal is a senior at Wake Forest University double majoring in Economics and Mathematics. He hopes to bring emerging technologies to the government so it can better serve its constituents. He has built AI models for the US Department of State, where he managed a team of interns, the Federal Reserve Board, and various other federal agencies. While studying at the London School of Economics, Tal served as an AI Advisor at the US Embassy in London. Tal is a Truman Scholar from Texas and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa as a junior. He is from the United States.

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    Theodore NashUnited Kingdom

    King's College London

    Theodore (Theo) Nash will graduate from King's College London with a bachelor's degree in Electronic Engineering. Having led the development of a non-invasive battery diagnostic tool, (saving months of team R&D time), for Japanese sustainable tech incubator AC Biode, Theo returned to London to found a rapid EV-charging subsidiary of the company. Alongside this, he spearheaded research and development of a low-cost sustainable refrigerator for a leading non-profit. His vision is to realign the target market of technology innovation towards the global south. Theo is from the United Kingdom.

  • 个人简介

    Tsz Yu MaHong Kong S.A.R., China

    The Chinese University of Hong Kong

    Tsz Yu (Ranita) Ma is a D. H. Chen Foundation Scholar at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, majoring in Business Administration. She has worked in MBB consulting and tech firm strategy. Passionate about education, she has co-founded Stargazers Consulting, an education start-up that brings business case training accessible to all, which has impacted 5,000+ students in two years since its establishment. She is also a voluntary advisor in local NGOs. She aspires to drive economic development and equity in education through policy-making and public-private partnerships. Ranita is from Hong Kong SAR, China.

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    Uliana BazavlukRussia

    Centre College

    Uliana Bazavluk is an advocate for non-violent resistance for social change. She will graduate from Centre College with a degree in International Studies and French. From leading Centre College's International Students Association as its president, to working for international organizations, Uliana's passion for social work and people-centered public policy continues to grow. Currently, she is supporting Ukrainian refugees in the New York City division of Catholic Charities’ resettlement program. After graduation, Uliana aims to explore trauma-informed methods of conflict resolution and ways of sustaining non-violent movements for democracy in Russia. Uliana is from St. Petersburg, Russia.

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    Vishwanatha RaoUnited States

    Columbia University

    Vishwanatha (Vish) Rao is a senior at Columbia University studying Biomedical Engineering. Vish led multiple successful medical AI research projects at Columbia, Harvard, and Massachusetts Eye and Ear. As a co-author of six peer-review publications and twelve posters/presentations, Vish hopes to serve as a leader in this space and advocate for international medical AI cooperation and dataset aggregation initiatives. Vish’s leadership aptitude extends into his campus activities, where he served as the class president for Engineering Student Council, vice president of Tau Beta Pi, and team leader for Engineering Without Borders, among others. Vish is from the United States.

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    Wendi LiChina

    New York University

    Wendi Li loves innovation and challenge. He graduated from New York University, Abu Dhabi and joined McKinsey & Company to work in entrepreneurship and financial technology. During this time, he advised on multiple startup regulations for Middle Eastern governments, helped set up multiple venture capitals and accelerators, and invested in a few startups as an angel investor himself. Wendi is also a professional skydiver and a wingsuit athlete. Wendi is from China.

  • 个人简介

    Wenjun ZhangChina

    Sichuan Normal University

    Wenjun Zhang graduated from Korea University, a SICGI 2020 alumnus of Tsinghua University, and an honorary member of Zhejiang University Qiangying. He also is a member of the Horizon Plan. In 2017, he participated in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Forum and the Youth Human Rights Conference as a Chinese youth representative. In 2019, he was selected for the Lee Yong Ju Foundation Scholarship in South Korea and presented academic papers at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and Seoul National University. As the CEO of YSI China, he is mainly responsible for the planning and operation of youth leadership and sustainable innovation programs and entrepreneurship projects in China. He has successfully implemented more than 15 entrepreneurial projects registered in Shanghai and Chengdu. He hopes to contribute more efforts to China's youth entrepreneurship and SDGs activities. Wenjun is from China.

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    Wenyu JiaoChina

    Jilin University

    Wenyu Jiao earned his medical degree from Jilin University in 2018. He is a surgeon in China and a member of The Transplantation Society and American Society of Transplant Surgeons (ASTS). He is currently a postdoctoral research scientist at Columbia University. He won the ASTS Young Investigator Award in 2021 and the $50,000 Nelson Award in 2022 for his research promoting the understanding of the human immune system. Born and raised in rural Henan, famous for its blood plasma economy, Wenyu aspired to eradicate poverty and promote the health condition of ordinary people. After years of practice in hospitals and providing medical assistance to villagers in Hebei and Fujian, he realized the importance of finding a solution to deliver quality medical services to everyone. His ambition is to develop a cost-effective hierarchical healthcare system. Wenyu is from China.

  • 个人简介

    William DixonCanada

    McGill University

    William Dixon graduated as the Birks Silver Medalist from McGill University with a degree in Materials Engineering. At McGill, he was a leader on the Varsity Swim Team and with the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum. Will has developed his passion for natural resources through work in the metals, oil & gas, and mining industries where he advocates for decarbonization and responsible natural resource extraction. Through Schwarzman Scholars, he hopes to gain a deeper insight into the Chinese natural resource landscape, complementing his long-term vision of being a global leader in natural resource policy and regulation.

  • 个人简介

    Yitong LinChina

    The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen

    Yitong graduated First Class Honours from Chinese University of Hong Kong-Shenzhen majoring in Global Supply Chain and Logistics Management. Passionate about sustainable development, Yitong studied sustainable supply chain practices with institutions in Denmark and Canada, researched carbon emissions reduction at the Ministry of Ecology and the Environment, and competed in the China Green Innovation Competition, winning first prize. He also participated in the Hong Kong Climate Action Recognition Scheme, and is currently working with the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy in the United Arab Emirates as a Dubai Business Associate. Yitong is active in student organizations and has served as Executive-President of Shenzhen Students' Federation, where he organized activities to support students' development. With Schwarzman Scholars, he aspires to leverage cross-disciplinary perspective to combat global climate change. Yitong is from China.

  • 个人简介

    Yoonjae LimSouth Korea

    University of California, Los Angeles

    Yoonjae (Eric) Lim is an immigrant, entrepreneur, and product leader in fintech. Inspired by the hardship his immigrant family faced, he is determined to leverage technology to solve financial inequity. He cofounded DApperNetwork, a blockchain company, and created a community of students and mentors that have gone on to create enormous value in protocols with market caps totaling over $10B. Eric is now the director of product at Sure, a top 100 fintech company. Eric previously served as an crypto entrepreneur-in-training at FJ Labs. Eric majored in Political Science at UCLA. Eric is from South Korea.

  • 个人简介

    You Min ChoiSouth Korea

    Cornell University

    You Min (Steve) Choi graduated from Cornell University with a major in Government and minor in History of Art. Interested in leading Asia’s digital transformation as an investor and operator, Steve previously co-founded a consumer internet startup in Vietnam and raised over $50,000 in seed funding. Currently, he is an Investment Banking Analyst at J.P. Morgan’s Mergers & Acquisitions Group, focused on building his financial analysis and project management skills. Outside of his professional life, Steve is a DJ, having opened for world-renowned musicians, and is passionate about modern art and modern culinary history. Steve is from Seoul, South Korea.

  • 个人简介

    Yucheng ChenChina

    Columbia University

    Yucheng (David) Chen is a Saltzman Student Scholar at Columbia University majoring in Political Science. He is particularly interested in public diplomacy: fostering direct conversation and rapport between citizens around the globe. Prior to Columbia, David worked full-time in developing countries near China, where he initiated projects that set the potential for peaceful cooperation from the grassroots level. He had also undergone education in France and the United Kingdom. After Schwarzman Scholars, David will return to the field of public diplomacy. David is from China.

  • 个人简介

    Yuchuan ZhengChina

    Zhejiang University

    Yuchuan Zheng will graduate from Zhejiang University with a bachelor's degree in Economics and Chu Kochen Honor Certificate of Public Administration. As a rural student, Yuchuan has long been concerned about the inclusive advancement of people in underdeveloped areas. He initiated volunteer activities to promote the development of rural students in primary education and first-class universities. He has conducted grassroots-level field investigations in many Chinese provinces. At Schwarzman College, Yuchuan will continue to devote himself to achieving inclusive development and social equality. Yuchuan is from China.

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