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    Michal KozlowskiUnited States

    Princeton University

    Michal Kozlowski is a Princeton University senior majoring in Chemical and Biological Engineering and minoring in East Asian Studies. As a Distinguished Military Graduate, collaboration and cultural awareness are pillars of his future career as an officer in the U.S. Army. Kozlowski spent a year before college farming and teaching in China's Yunnan Province and aims to deepen his appreciation and understanding of Chinese culture while living in Beijing. As a Schwarzman Scholar, he intends on exploring the political, economic, and social collaboration necessary to lead agricultural initiatives, primarily between the U.S. and China. Michal is from the United States.

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    Michelle WangUnited States

    Dartmouth College

    Michelle Wang is pursuing an M.S. in Bioenergy Systems at Dartmouth College. She recently completed her B.A. and B.E. at Dartmouth in Earth Sciences and Energy Engineering. She loves leading in the outdoors whether it be in her school’s outing club, a maple sugaring operation, or as a park ranger in Yellowstone. As an aspiring science diplomat, she is passionate when leading teams and applying her science knowledge to solving the world's pressing techno-socio-economic issues. Through Schwarzman Scholars, she hopes to lead a network of scientists, technologists, and policymakers into ensuring equitable energy access for those who need it most. Michelle is from the United States.

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    Mohammad Ozair Alamyar is a youth empowerment advocate who recently graduated from Kardan University with an undergraduate degree in Political Science and International Relations. A two-term secretary of Kardan University’s Political Science Club, Ozair was able to initiate and organize several programs addressing national and international issues. He is also a co-founder of the Afghan Youth Voice Organization and serves as its social secretary. He wants to empower Afghan youth by advocating for their inclusion, education, and employment. Ozair is from Afghanistan.

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    Moksh JawaUnited States

    University of Pennsylvania

    Moksh Jawa graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with dual degrees in Computer Science and Management. At the University of Pennsylvania, Moksh served as Class President, built businesses including StoreWith Penn and Codeflow, and developed a free AP Computer Science curriculum, consisting of an 11-hour course and 450-page book that’s used by 50,000+ students. He now leads No Stoppin’, a team of 7 devoted to building curriculum and educational tools. He hopes to deliver scalable, personalized education to those who need it most. Moksh is from the United States.

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    Monica ChangUnited States

    Harvard University

    Monica Chang is a senior at Harvard University. She is passionate about building a society that embraces an ethic of radical love and solidarity. During her summers, Monica worked on Boston’s response to unsheltered homelessness, assisted on impact litigation to reform Massachusetts’ family shelter system, and worked closely with youth experiencing homelessness to provide transitional employment. On campus, she led a naturalization assistance program for newly arrived Chinese immigrants. As a Schwarzman Scholar, Monica hopes to learn more about China's poverty reduction efforts to inform her intended career eliminating global poverty and building cross-cultural understanding. Monica is from the United States.

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    Morgan LivingstonUnited States

    University of California, Berkeley

    Morgan Livingston is a technologist, developing policy on AI and emerging technologies. She is currently a tech fellow in the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and formerly supported White House AI policy as a Science and Technology Policy Institute fellow. She is passionate about equitable digital development, and has advocated with the UN and researched tech and data governance with the Wilson Center and Stanford Law. Morgan graduated from UC Berkeley with an interdisciplinary bachelors in cyber policy. She is a community college transfer student and founded College of Marin’s Women in Tech group. Morgan is from the United States.

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    Motoi OyaneJapan

    New York University

    Motoi Oyane is currently a management consultant at Bain & Company. He works with Japanese companies across industries, including private equity, consumer products, and healthcare, fulfilling his passion for innovating the Japanese economy and its working culture. He graduated from New York University Abu Dhabi with a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. As an undergraduate, he captained the varsity football team, a sport he continues to play today. Through Schwarzman Scholars, he hopes to understand better agile businesses spurring innovations in China and the applicability of these models as catalysts for the growth of Japanese companies. Motoi is from Japan.

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    Nainika SudheendraUnited States

    University of Tennessee

    Nainika Sudheendra graduated from University of Tennessee's supply chain management program. Since graduation, she has received World Finalist status in the Schneider Electric Go Green Challenge, saved Walmart $25 million and 200+ tons of carbon as a Senior Automation Engineer, and syndicated her work by founding student and employee development groups. She is also an adjunct lecturer at her alma mater. Nainika intends to utilize the Schwarzman Scholars program to study the effects of Chinese policy on innovation and investment into emerging logistics technologies, with a focus on space infrastructure’s effect on earthbound logistics. She is a deferred Harvard MBA candidate. Nainika is from the United States.

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    Namra ZulfiqarUnited States

    Yale University

    Namra Zulfiqar (Yale College ’21) graduated with a major in Political Science and concentration in Global Human Rights Crises. In her final year, she was a John Kerry Fellow at Yale's Jackson Institute. After graduation, she was seconded by the U.S. to serve on OSCE/ODIHR election observation missions in Moldova and Georgia. Recently, she worked at DAI on the Afghanistan crisis as an Emergency Response Associate. She aspires to work at the intersection of foreign policy and international development to create a better world for all. Namra is from the United States.

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    Naomi Aladekoba is a senior at Spelman College, majoring in International Studies with a concentration in International Development and minoring in Spanish and Asian Studies. Before taking a gap year, Naomi was president of the Chinese Culture Club. She now works for the Atlantic Council GeoEconomics Center where she consults on the Bretton Woods 2.0 Project researching, writing, visualizing data, and developing a program to provide research and mentorship opportunities to students of underrepresented backgrounds. She hopes to work in international development where she can partner with communities to foster sustainable solutions to the most pressing global issues. Naomi is from the United States.

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    Natalia Paz Méndez PonceChile

    Universidad de Santiago de Chile

    Natalia Paz Méndez Ponce graduated with a degree in Public Administration from the University of Santiago, where she currently works in the International Relations unit. She has been awarded by the United Nations, directed community welfare projects in her local community, and received recognition for her volunteering trajectory as a teacher assistant. She created the Public Administration Alumni Network, and is an experienced rapporteur and research assistant. As a Schwarzman Scholar, Natalia wants to deepen her knowledge of international learning networks, fostering the joint work of academia and the public sector in favor of strengthening professional networks through a global lens. Natalia is from Chile.

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    N'gandjo Wassa CisseCote D'Ivoire

    African Leadership University

    N'gandjo Wassa Cisse is an African Leadership University graduate and young climate finance professional. Through Wassa's work as an impact investment analyst for the BESTSELLER Foundation and conservation research consultant for Conservation Capital, she has supported dozens of enterprises and initiatives that not only improve resilience, but also enable the private sector in Africa. She is developing viable businesses that preserve ecosystem integrity while facilitating access to adequate funding. Wassa is currently the youngest member to sit on the School of Wildlife Conservation advisory board, an institution promoting conservation as an African growth sector. Wassa is from Cote d'Ivoire.

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    Nicholas PeoplesUnited States

    Southern Nazarene University

    Nicholas Peoples is passionate about achieving primary healthcare for all. He is the Executive Director of HOMES Clinic, which provides free healthcare for people experiencing homelessness. He's a full scholarship medical student at Baylor College of Medicine. Nicholas was a Global Health Corps Fellow at the Baylor International Pediatric AIDS Initiative, recognized as a “Dynamic Young Texan” by the State of Texas, and completed his MSc in Global Health at Duke University on full scholarship. Through Schwarzman, Nicholas seeks to drive his mission of “health for all” forward with a deepened understanding of Sino-global affairs. Nicholas is from the United States.

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    Nidhi NairIndia

    University of Connecticut

    Nidhi Jayakumar Nair is an Economics and Mathematics-Statistics major at the University of Connecticut. Her passions lie in socioeconomic mobility, with an emphasis on public economics and educational disparities. She has analyzed these determinants through a multi-partisan lens at the Brookings Institution, the UC Berkeley Labor Center, and the Cato Institute. Nidhi is the president of the UConn Economics Society, a United Nations Millennium Fellow, and the founder of the Invisible Hand Speaker Series, an annual conference aimed at stemming the leaky academic pipeline. She advocated for economic inclusion at the United Nations COP26 conference in Scotland. Nidhi is from India.

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    Nikolas CeruttiUnited Kingdom

    University of Cambridge

    Nikolas Cerutti graduated with a first-class degree in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge. After graduating, Nik spent a year abroad, including leading the operations in an international education company in China. Nik now works in Strategy at Marks and Spencer's Food Retail sector after spending two years as an operations consultant. Nik is also the co-founder of Insight Outreach, a UK-based social mobility charity delivering a mentoring scheme to support disadvantaged young people with their university applications. Through Schwarzman Scholars, he hopes to become a global leader in evidence-based social mobility initiatives. Nik is from the United Kingdom.

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    Nikta KhaniUnited States

    Boston University

    Nikta Khani is a researcher for the U.S. Senate, where she studies social media platforms’ influence on radicalization and misinformation. Nikta is a Congressional Fellow at the Wilson Center Artificial Intelligence Lab and Cyber & Tech NextGen Fellow at Foreign Policy for America. She was a staffer for Congresswoman Katie Porter, a counterterrorism researcher at Harvard, and a staffer for Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign and Senate office. Nikta is a cum laude graduate of Boston University in International Relations. As a Schwarzman Scholar, Nikta will study US-China techno-diplomacy focusing on internet governance and emerging technologies. Nikta is from the United States and Iran.

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    Noel TherattilIndia

    Amity Law School, Delhi

    Noel Jackson Therattil is a lawyer and a public policy analyst. He worked with Indian Members of Parliament and the Indian government. He initiated projects on the ground for the benefit of indigenous communities through sustainable agroforestry. He has interned at the International Solar Alliance and the Asian-African Legal Consultative Organization. Noel has an interest in foreign policy and aims to advocate for the rights of the global south. He graduated from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University with a bachelor's in Law and from National Academy of Legal Studies and Research with a master's in Space Law. Noel is from India.

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    Olivia FuUnited States

    Harvard University

    Olivia Fu studies a Joint Concentration in Computer Science and Government with a Secondary in Economics at Harvard College. She is Secretary-General of World Model United Nations, and is writing her senior thesis on smart city projects in Singapore. She co-created the first in-person Harvard pre-orientation on leadership, and is a CS50 teaching fellow and peer advising fellow. She has also studied at Ewha Womans University and University of Oxford during college, and worked at Northern Light Venture Capital, Morgan Stanley, and Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. in finance. She is passionate about Asian and international relations in finance, technology, and governance. Olivia is from the United States.

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    Oluwatamilayo (Tami) Austen-Peters graduated from the University of Cambridge with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Manufacturing Engineering. Driven by her commitment to authenticity, she has worked across industries, from theatre to her current role as an Associate at Boston Consulting Group. Passionate about empowering Africans, she has founded and leads numerous diversity initiatives, from campaigns with Cambridge University African Caribbean Society to BCG mentorship programmes. As a Schwarzman Scholar, she hopes to deepen her existing understanding of China and improve her Mandarin, which will enable her to further sustainable, bilaterally beneficial Sino-Nigerian manufacturing relations. Tami is from Nigeria and the United States.

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    Omid Gholamzadeh NasrabadiItaly

    Università degli Studi di Pisa

    Omid Gholamzadeh Nasrabadi is an award-winning social entrepreneur launching healthcare, education, and entertainment organizations since 2017. He is an advisor and task force lead at the UNESCO Education Global Cooperation Mechanism and a representative member at the United Nations Transforming Education Summit. Omid is an Unleash 2022 global talent and Fulbright scholar on economic development and entrepreneurship. In 2020, he won the Princess Diana Award for his dedication to fighting heart diseases. As a Schwarzman Scholar, he will explore China’s role in global innovation, and leverage the intersection of public policy and social innovation to solve the education crisis. Omid is from Italy.

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