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    Katherine (Kate) Gross-Whitaker is a senior at Princeton studying Politics and East Asian Studies. Kate has spent extensive time studying and working in China through a high school study abroad in Beijing and a Princeton gap year program in Kunming. At Princeton, Kate has served as a residential college advisor and co-president and programming director of the Princeton US-China Coalition. She has interned with multiple think tanks, including the Carnegie-Tsinghua Center, and worked with community nonprofits in China, Israel-Palestine, and California. Kate hopes to work in the U.S. State Department to direct U.S.-China policy and promote intercultural understanding. Kate is from the United States.

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    Kay GlaeskeSwitzerland

    Universität St. Gallen

    Kay Glaeske is a consultant at McKinsey & Company in Zurich where he specializes in corporate strategy, covering multiple industries from consumer to industrials to help the world’s leading executives. Even before joining McKinsey, he was passionate about learning and later advising on doing business in and with China while he was working on strategic projects with chief executive officers of international companies. Through Schwarzman Scholars, he wants to gain further experience to build even more credibility while helping on current interdisciplinary issues, such as trade security and geopolitical tensions and to facilitate exchange. Kay is from Switzerland

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    Kewen KongHong Kong S.A.R., China

    Columbia University

    Kewen Kong is a senior studying Comparative Literature and Italian at Columbia University. He endeavors to use literature, film, fashion, and gastronomy to bridge the political chasm between China and the West. He served as the President of the Hong Kong Students and Scholars Society, co-founder of the Asian American and Pacific Islander Rights Board, and the Columbia Cultural Exchange. A firm believer in genuine storytelling's power to overcome political division, Kewen wishes to institute an international platform that promotes conversation between global leaders who aspire to dissolve cultural borders with their expertise in different disciplines. For his senior thesis in Comparative Literature, he is examining the impact of Dante's literary and political works on the rise of the modern Chinese identity in the early 20th century. Previously he published and produced several short stories and a feature-length film about wealth disparity in Hong Kong. Kewen is from Hong Kong SAR, China.

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    Khadija WaseemCanada

    University of Toronto

    Khadija Waseem is a Strategy Consultant at Monitor Deloitte specializing in public-sector transformations. Khadija is passionate about developing policy which fosters systemic change, building reconciliatory bridges, and designing the equitable digital infrastructures of tomorrow, today. Khadija worked for the Prime Minister of Canada to establish Canada’s first youth policy and feminist budget, launched Google for Startups in Canada, and was an equity advisor for Fortune 500s. Khadija sits on various boards, is a World Economic Forum Global Shaper and former youth delegate to the UN. Khadija studied Management, Strategy, and Innovation at Rotman Commerce, University of Toronto. Khadija is from Canada.

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    Kléber Paucar-MolinaEcuador

    King's College London

    Kléber Paucar-Molina studies International Relations at King’s College London. His leadership and abilities in diplomacy made him the first Ecuadorian President of the KCL Diplomacy Society. Likewise, he is the cofounder of EquiRed (Colombia) and CoopRed (Ecuador), two international youth networks on Social and Solidarity Economy that tackle inequality in Latin America by providing education opportunities to the youth. Kléber is passionate about science diplomacy and about fostering science and technology cooperation between Ecuador and China. His current role is leader of the PhD Network, the largest research network in his country.  Kléber is from Ecuador.

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    Konstantin KlinglerAustria

    King's College London

    Konstantin reads Philosophy, Politics & Economics at King’s College London. As part of the Austrian civil service, Konstantin has spent a year working with children in Ecuador. Ever since his time in Ecuador, he knew that he wanted to work on alleviating poverty in developing countries. Previously, he has also initiated Europe’s first online COVID-19 symptom checker, a math learning app for Austrian students supported by the ministry of education, and a local commerce startup. Konstantin has also participated in the TV show “2 Minuten 2 Millionen” and is listed in the Forbes 30 under 30 list. Konstantin is from Austria.

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    Kristina LozinskayaBelarus

    Washington and Lee University

    Kristina Lozinskaya graduated magna cum laude from Washington and Lee University. A student of international relations and economics, she aspires to build peace and prosperity through forging meaningful international partnerships in the field of development. The desire to enhance entente among nations led Kristina to intern at the Eurasia Foundation, where she oversaw the implementation of projects aimed at promoting U.S.-Russia cooperation pre-war in Ukraine. Kristina’s advocacy for international students at W&L was recognized with the Global Learning Leadership Prize. She is currently assisting the CEO of Hosting Ukrainian Families in welcoming Ukrainian refugees to America. Kristina is from Belarus.

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    Kunho KimSouth Korea

    Harvard University

    Kunho Kim graduated from Harvard College, where he majored in Environmental Science and Public Policy. Following graduation, he started a cryptocurrency-to-fiat payments gateway startup. Kunho then worked briefly with Ethereum Foundation and later at MainStreet Investment, a venture capital firm in South Korea. He is now a co-founder and CEO of Door Labs, which created the world’s first wheelchair/disability-related Non-Fungible Token, or NFT, collectibles. Door Labs also made the world’s first paralympic NFTs with the Korea Paralympic Committee. He grew up in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, for much of his adolescence. Kunho is from South Korea.

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    Liam GaleyUnited States

    Cornell University

    Liam Galey is a senior at Cornell University studying philosophy and political science. He serves as president of Cornell’s undergraduate philosophy journal, captain of its mock trial team, and co-founder of Cornell’s Undergraduate China-U.S. Cultural Exchange Association. He was born and raised in Singapore, where he spent two years in the Singapore Army and became fascinated with Singapore’s unique political system. He plans to pursue international law and to explore the relationships between Eastern and Western thought through the lens of normative jurisprudence. He believes that philosophical inquiry is key to approaching political problems productively. Liam is from the United States.

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    Ling YangChina

    Fordham University

    Ling (Cheryl) Yang is an investment banker, financial advisor, and technology entrepreneur with innovation and passion in her heart. As a Fordham University graduate with a double major in finance and math, she was awarded “Outstanding Leader” for founding the Consulting Club and growing it to 200 students. After Cheryl's banking career with Morgan Stanley and CIBC, she joined as the youngest partner at Coefficient Partners and lead the fundraising and IPO efforts for Asian companies joining the U.S market. Cheryl is also the founder and CEO of IconFashion, a blockchain technology company bridging fashion with web3 for the women community. Cheryl is from China.

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    Manuel SchülerGermany

    Hult International Business School

    Manuel Schüler is a graduate student at LSE and a Klaus Murmann Scholar. He has consulted the European Central Bank on innovations in monetary policy and interned with Goldman Sachs, Deloitte, and Bloomberg where he developed digitalization and sustainability initiatives. At 16, he co-founded South Germany's first LGBTQ youth-center and at 18, became Germany's youngest national-state-theatre director before being elected as Hult's first black student government president. Former German Chancellor Merkel, his Dean, and the German Foundation of Business have granted him scholarships for his political and academic leadership advocating for equitable economic governance, a field where he aims to foster deeper Euro-Chinese relations. Manuel is from Germany.

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    Martha IsaacsUnited States

    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

    Martha Isaacs studied Geography and City and Regional Planning at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as a Morehead-Cain Scholar. After university, she worked as a visiting researcher and Luce Scholar at the Centre for Liveable Cities in Singapore, developing policy to shift Singapore’s streetscape to become less car-centric. She currently works at the NYC Department of Transportation, where she designs and implements street improvement projects to increase safety for all road users. As a Schwarzman Scholar, she hopes to study ways to prioritize accessibility in China’s rapidly changing built environment. She is from the United States.

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    Mathis BittonFrance

    Yale University

    Mathis Bitton is a senior at Yale University in the bachelor of arts program in Political Science. He studies Confucian thought and its impact on Chinese statesmanship. More broadly, Mathis is interested in liberalism and its critics, intellectuals as agents of change, and theories of elite production. On campus, he is the president of the Yale Political Union, as well as an editor of both the Yale Historical Review and the Yale Herald. Off campus, Mathis is a start-up founder and a writer at Palladium Magazine. He has interned at Washington, D.C. think tanks, magazines, and the French National Assembly. Mathis is from France.

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    Max BrowningUnited Kingdom

    University of Edinburgh

    Max Browning graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a double first in Chinese and Russian before pursuing an master of science in East Asian Relations. He is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the One Scotland Initiative, a charity bringing together future leaders through cultural exchange and collaboration. Under his leadership, the organisation grew to include over 100 team members in multiple cities across Scotland. Max also serves as Trustee of the Edinburgh University Students’ Association; Secretary of the Scottish Parliament’s Cross-Party Group on China; and Delegate to the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference. He is committed to enhancing international cooperation. Max is from the United Kingdom.

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    Maxwell VanLandschoot is passionate about using data to inform equitable alternative energy policy. As an economics student at Reed College, he founded the College’s chapter of the American Nuclear Society, became a federally licensed nuclear reactor operator, and refocused a portion of the College’s endowment towards alternative energy and sustainable businesses as President of the 150-member investment club. He also advocated for local and national nuclear energy policy, championed policies for students with disabilities, and was a Fellow in Statistics at Harvard University, focusing on policy reform and the impacts of climate change. Maxwell is from the United States.

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    Meghan MurphyUnited States

    Brown University

    Meghan Murphy is an International Relations major at Brown University. Her academic focus is Southeast Asia: its diplomatic relations, politics, and importance for China. Hoping to increase U.S. engagement with ASEAN, Meghan interned at the Department of State, the House Foreign Affairs Committee, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the Brookings Institution, and the East-West Center. Shaped by an upbringing across three continents, Meghan is passionate about working with displaced communities and serves as a coordinator for Brown University’s refugee aid organization. She also played leadership roles at her university’s top journalistic publications. Meghan is from the United States.

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    Meihua HuangChina

    University of British Columbia

    Meihua Huang graduated from the University of British Columbia with a bachelor's degree in Psychology. As an earthquake survivor and a double amputee, Meihua is passionate about studying and promoting mental health and accessibility. She has conducted research projects on sleep and chronic pain. She has also worked and volunteered to support people in crisis and to provide psychoeducation. During her work at the British Columbia Public Service, Meihua helped and managed projects for workplace accessibility and mental health. As a Schwarzman Scholar, she plans to delve into how she can improve accessibility and mental health in China. Meihua is from China.

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    Mekila NgwambeCameroon

    Catholic University of Cameroon

    Mekila Ngwambe is passionate about harnessing the abundance of Africa's sun to solve its energy crisis. He co-founded Sunsave Solutions Ltd to respond to Africa's energy needs by leveraging photovoltaic cells to generate solar energy. Alongside its Chinese partners, Sunsave produces and distributes affordable solar home systems to households in Cameroon through an innovative Pay-As-You-Go payment scheme. He aspires to deepen his cultural understanding of China, as Sunsave looks to scale out of Cameroon. He holds a first class degree in Philosophy and an MSc in Development Studies from the University of Edinburgh. Mekila is from Cameroon.

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    Michael NyakundiKenya

    Bard College

    Michael Nyakundi is an Ethics and Politics major at Bard College Berlin. He’s interested in public policy and law. He previously interned at the Kenyan Statehouse analyzing the impact of president Kenyatta’s Big4 agenda. He has also volunteered with the Kenya Red Cross and Plan International on youth-police arbitration projects. Currently Michael is leading a team of 500+ to address police brutality in Soweto slums in Nairobi. He will complete an internship at the Cato Institute. As a Schwarzman Scholar, Michael hopes to deepen his knowledge of Sino-Kenya relations, China’s public policy and criminal justice landscape. Michael is from Kenya.

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    Michal KaczmarekPoland

    Uniwersytet Wroclawski

    Michal Kaczmarek is a scientist passionate about data-driven decisions in cancer care. As a Team Leader at the Blavatnik Center for Drug Discovery, he is responsible for the research and development of the Metabolite Medicine Division. Since joining the Blavatnik Center, Michal has developed a new analytical method for simultaneous monitoring of hundreds of biomolecules in cancer cells and led the team in building a metabolomics laboratory platform for personalized medicine. Through Schwarzman Scholars, he aspires to explore Chinese perspectives on business models and data-sharing policies that incentivize the continued growth in the field of precision oncology. Michal is from Poland.

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