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    Hanyuan WangChina

    Hong Kong Baptist University

    Hanyuan (Karen) Wang is a data science-trained climate entrepreneur. She is the first female Chinese selected as a Young Leader for the SDGs recognized by the United Nations. She is also a research assistant at Imperial College's Centre for Climate Finance and Investment, where her focus is on the voluntary carbon market, climate risks, and nature-based solutions. Most recently, she co-founded Climind.AI, which is laying the groundwork for a data infrastructure to address uncertainty and integrity challenges in the climate realm. Karen was named Forbes 30 under 30 for her startup work as a founding member of Carbonbase. She worked at Merrill Lynch and Microsoft, and she was also a data scientist at Planto, where she built algorithms for Livi Bank. Karen studied and worked in Hong Kong (China), Sydney, Texas, and London. She is from Dali, Yunnan, with her Bai ethnic background, Karen also dedicates her time to preserving the disappearing Bai dialect in China. Karen is from China.

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    Hou Sang ChengMacau S.A.R., China

    Tsinghua University

    Hou Sang (Samson) Cheng graduated from Tsinghua University's Global Environment Program. His primary research interests are climate diplomacy and development financing. Samson believes China will continue to play a vital role in global climate governance and be a leader in collective climate actions. He works for China's climate negotiation team, has attended many UN Climate Change conferences like COP27, and has made numerous media appearances as a Global Alliance of Universities on Climate (GAUC) Global Youth Ambassador. He helped organize events at the UN Biodiversity Conference (COP15) while he interned at United Nations Development Programme’s Biodiversity Finance Initiative and built models to evaluate sustainable investment opportunities at World Bank Group's International Finance Corporation. Samson is from Macao SAR, China.

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    Ilya TolmachevRussia

    Moscow State Institute of International Relations

    Ilya Tolmachev graduated from Moscow State Institute of International Relations. He has experience in both private and public sectors, having worked at a large multinational corporation and the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He is passionate about foreign policy, business, and exploring the ways in which these two spheres interact. Ilya is from Russia.

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    Jennifer WrightNew Zealand

    New York University

    Jennifer Ann Wright co-founded YourCycle, AI-powered health technology platform. YourCycle is a health-tech firm that utilizes technology, networks of doctors, and pharmacies to democratize healthcare for women globally. Prior to YourCycle, Jennifer was the first employee at Crimson Education which is now a global leader in tertiary education. Taking on an executive role at Crimson, she scaled her team to over 100 people and played a key role in launching 11 offices across the globe. Jennifer holds a B.S and M.S from New York University Stern in Finance and Accounting. Jennifer is from New Zealand.

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    Jessica RingerUnited States

    United States Naval Academy

    Jessica Ringer graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 2017 with a degree in Chinese, commissioning as an Intelligence Officer in the Marine Corps. While stationed in Japan, Jessica led diverse teams of Marines on deployments in the South and East China Seas, working with foreign militaries to maintain peaceful relations within Asia. At the same time, she explored her passion for business and graduated with an MBA in 2020. As she continues her career in business and government, Jessica will leverage her experiences to become an effective U.S. Foreign Policy Advisor. Jessica is from the United States.

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    Jiaqi JiangChina

    University of California, Berkeley

    Jiaqi (Claire) Jiang graduated from University of California, Berkeley with majors in Bioengineering, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Science. She is pursuing a master's degree in Biomedical Informatics at Harvard. Claire is passionate about alleviating health disparities through the appropriate applications of medical artificial intelligence. Previously, she interned at IDG Capital targeting biomedical technologies, conducted frontier NeuroAI research at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, led 50+ scholars to provide guidelines on respirator decontamination during the COVID-19 pandemic, and co-founded a nonprofit organization to help Chinese students gain professional opportunities. At Schwarzman, Claire wants to become a leader in the intersection of technology and public health to create solutions to global health inequality. Claire is from China.

  • 个人简介

    Jiaqi LiuChina

    University of Washington

    Jiaqi Liu earned his master's degree at the University of Pennsylvania and bachelor's degree at the University of Washington, both in Bioengineering. During his time at school, Jiaqi co-founded the Biomedical Diversity Community to empower minority students to explore academic and career opportunities in the biomedical space. He also invited the first ever person of color to speak at the department graduation. After graduation, he returned to China to work in a global early-stage VC. Jiaqi is passionate about promoting medical equality and affordable healthcare solutions. He has experience in medtech startup, global pharmaceutical company, healthcare consulting, and healthcare VC. Jiaqi is from China.

  • 个人简介

    Jinfei TengChina

    University of Oxford

    Jinfei (Cherie) Teng has experienced education both in China and the UK and is attracted by the clear distinction between the two countries' education methods and outcomes. During her study of Mathematics at Exeter College, Oxford, she worked with local under-performing pupils and helped them to realise the overlooked fascinating side of mathematics. She is determined to deliver education to whomever is in need and hopes to find a solution by comparing global strategies for the education of under-performing and disadvantaged students. She joined OxCSSA as the Head of the Art and Sports Department and designed activities to enable cultural exchange. Cherie is from China.

  • 个人简介

    Jing SunChina

    King's College London

    Jing (Jeanne) Sun is an aspiring storyteller who is currently the LIVE Global Safety program manager at TikTok. She worked as a policy strategist of the organisation before transitioning to the current role in Aug 2022. Prior to TikTok, Jeanne was an account manager at Bloomberg focusing on providing strategic solutions to clients from different sectors in Greater China region. In her spare time, Jeanne co-founded a non-profit Instagram influencer account where she aims to tell real stories of life in China and Chinese people to audiences around the globe with over one-hundred seventy thousand followers. Jeanne is also a member of the Western Returned Scholars Association. Jeanne holds a B.A. with honours in International Relations from the Department of War Studies at King's College London and a master of journalism from the University of Hong Kong. Jeanne is from China.

  • 个人简介

    Jingren WangChina

    Minerva University

    Jingren Wang graduated from Minerva University, majoring in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. Committed to active learning since youth, Jingren constantly searches for the answer to future learning through diverse educational systems across China, Singapore, Australia, and the United States. She completed research in cognitive psychology at Stanford University and co-founded a nonprofit organization providing interactive mental health coaching for the marginalized. As a believer in the power of emerging technologies, she founded the San Francisco Chapter of China’s largest digital hacker community, passionately promoting ‘Tech for Good’ through organizing professional tech events such as hackathons, summits and conferences. Her vision is to promote a human-centric,  AI-driven ecosystem of lifelong learning, so as to create positive synergy in future global governance. Jingren is from China.

  • 个人简介

    Johannes DrexlerGermany

    OTH Regensburg

    Johannes Drexler will graduate from his master’s degree in Robotics, Cognition, Intelligence from the Technical University of Munich. He is passionate about sustainable concepts of mobility, which he works on at Elon Musk’s The Boring Company. Johannes is convinced that no major global development in sustainable mobility is possible without collaborating with Chinese actors. Having previously studied in Shanghai, he hopes to deepen his Mandarin skills and further expand his understanding of Chinese culture and business during the year in Beijing. As a Schwarzman Scholar, he aims to gain insights into extending multinational collaborations. Johannes is from Germany.

  • 个人简介

    John Paul GairhanUnited States

    University of Arkansas

    John Paul (J.P.) Gairhan graduated from the University of Arkansas in 2019 with a degree in History, Political Science, and African Studies. At the University of Arkansas, he was the student body president and chairman of the Distinguished Lectures Committee. After graduation, he was a congressional staff member for the late Congressman John Lewis and completed a US Fulbright grant in Botswana. As a Schwarzman Scholar, he hopes to engage with topics related to education, youth empowerment, and rural development. J.P. is from the United States.

  • 个人简介

    Jonas KavaliauskasLithuania

    Yale University

    Jonas Kavaliauskas is the Founder and CEO of Atlas Academy, a European education consulting company and an Analyst at ME Investments, a family office, where he helps cover Venture Capital and Public Equities. Prior to this, Jonas completed his undergraduate degree in Economics and Computer Science at Yale University. He is also a graduate of United World College Dilijan. Jonas aspires to combine his passion for investing, entrepreneurship and education to benefit the global community. Jonas is from Lithuania.

  • 个人简介

    Jonathan ZhangUnited States

    Harvard University

    Jonathan Zhang is a Harvard University senior studying Social Studies and is an incoming Business Analyst at McKinsey. Fluent in Arabic, Spanish, and Mandarin, he plans to speak the top five languages in the world before turning 25. He is the COO of Global Research and Consulting (GRC), a pro bono consulting group for high-impact social organizations and nonprofits with 21 branches and 1000+ active members. Jonathan’s research investigating the geopolitical impact of China’s Belt and Road Initiative and its intersections with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 inspires him to spearhead U.S. foreign developmental policy. Jonathan is from the United States.

  • 个人简介

    Josahn OgingaKenya

    Berea College

    Josahn Ochieng' Oginga is a Berea College honor graduate with bachelor's degrees in Economics and Agriculture. To support sustainable agriculture, he founded the Harmonized Enterprise for Less-Privileged Farmers – a non-profit providing free extension services to farmers in Southeastern Africa. For his academic and community service work, he received the Chin-Wang Prize for Economics, the Albert G. Weidler Memorial Scholarship in Social Studies, and the College of William and Mary Global Innovation Challenge 2022 Award. He intends to pursue a career at the intersection of public policy, finance, and climate change in achieving sustainable economic development in Africa. Oginga is from Kenya.

  • 个人简介

    Joyce ZhouUnited States

    Harvard University

    Joyce Zhou studies Neuroscience and Economics at Harvard University. Joyce’s international impacts across public and private sectors have transformed policies into direct, actionable community strategies. Her work with the Gates Foundation, National Institute of Mental Health, Clinton Health Access Initiative, and Harvard Business School has led to novel partnerships, investments, and systems improving public health and sustainable development globally. On campus, she leads operations for the world's most internationally diverse college-level Model UN conference and serves as the Founder and President of Women in Medicine and President of Green Medicine Initiative. Joyce is from the United States.

  • 个人简介

    Kamaria HortonUnited States

    Hampton University

    Kamaria Horton is a Computer Science major at Hampton University. On campus, she is a track athlete and a member of the Freddye T Davys Honors College, where she is a chair of the Mentorship and Engagement Committee. Kamaria is the former president and a current member of the Women In Computing club, where she established a mentorship program to create a sense of community among the women in her department. Kamaria is passionate about inclusion and representation in the technology community. She has learned the necessity for change in her field through internships with Microsoft and NASA. Kamaria is from the United States.

  • 个人简介

    Kangdeng ZhaoChina

    New York University

    Kangdeng (Kally) Zhao is an independent multidisciplinary arts producer and curator. She strives to foster a cultural ecosystem that supports community-engaged art-making for the Chinese diaspora community. She initiates artistic projects that simultaneously capture, question, and transcend the zeitgeist of the current world. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in Media, Culture, and Communication from New York University as a Global Media Scholar. She is the Communication and Events Lead at the International Society for the Performing Arts. She has served in various leadership roles in producing, fundraising, and marketing art projects. Kally is from China.

  • 个人简介

    Kanishkh KanodiaIndia

    Princeton University

    Kanishkh Kanodia is a senior at Princeton University, majoring in Public and International Affairs with minors in Journalism, South Asian Studies and Diplomacy. In the past, Kanishkh has interned at the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, and the Permanent Mission of Afghanistan to the United Nations. At Princeton, he is the head of a South Asian political organisation and a Resident Advisor. He is passionate about issues of human rights, democratization and peace mediation. In the future, he plans to work towards promotion and protection of human rights. Kanishkh is from India.

  • 个人简介

    Kateryna KrasnozhonUkraine

    National Technical University of Ukraine, Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

    Kateryna Krasnozhon received a bachelor's in Information Systems and Technologies from the National Technical University of Ukraine and a master’s degree in International Business from the Asia Europe Business School while living and working in ten European and Middle East countries. As an undergraduate, she founded a mentorship program for students to gain professional experience in the IT sphere while studying. She also implemented a unified platform for Ukrainian refugees who seek help. Through Schwarzman Scholars, Kateryna expects to learn from the Chinese experience of implementing advanced technologies that connect people and help society through digitalization. Kateryna is from Ukraine.

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