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    Chin Chin ChoiHong Kong S.A.R., China

    University of Pennsylvania

    Chin Chin Choi will graduate from the University of Pennsylvania with dual-degrees from The Wharton School and School of Nursing. As President of Wharton Council, she has helped create school-wide policies to promote inclusion, decrease club recruitment competition, and reduce student stress. Chin Chin has experience in both healthcare and finance sectors, working across Penn Medicine hospitals as part of her nursing clinical experiences as well as interning in Morgan Stanley's fixed income team and J.P. Morgan's healthcare investment banking group. As a Schwarzman Scholar, she hopes to improve global healthcare policies and access. Chin Chin is from Hong Kong SAR, China.

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    Christian AbneyUnited States

    Harvard University

    Christian Abney is a senior at Harvard University studying Linguistics, Government, and Arabic. He is passionate about the intersection of language, equity, and governance, and has applied this focus in work at the United Nations Development Programme South Africa and U.S. Embassy in Cyprus. As Staff Director at the world’s only youth-led shelter for young adults, he leads 130 students in creating affirming, empowering spaces for unhoused young adults. Christian is extensively involved in youth mentorship and leadership development. Through Schwarzman Scholars, he will explore global housing solutions for those displaced by poverty and violence. Christian is from the United States.

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    Peking University

    Cirenquji (Chugye) is currently a public sector analyst at Deloitte Consulting. She has a bachelor of arts in Museology from Peking University and a master's of public administration degree with a concentration in Social Innovation, Impact and Investment from New York University. Chugye co-founded her first social enterprise promoting sustainable development goals in 2018 and founded Responsible Investors Alliance, a community-centered platform connecting talents interested in sustainable investment in 2020. As a young Tibetan, she is also working as the deputy director of Tibet Youth Sci-Tech Innovation & Entrepreneurship Association. She is dedicated to becoming an impact investor and creating a collaborative space where synergy is drawn for social transformation. Chugye is also an art enthusiast, drama actress, amateur photographer, cricket player and snowboarder. Chugye is from China.

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    Cole WalkerUnited States

    Duke University

    Cole Walker is a Duke University senior double majoring in Public Policy and Chinese, with twelve years of Mandarin study. He received a 2021 Critical Language Scholarship and a 2022 Taiwan Huayu BEST Scholarship and has developed Mandarin language curriculum for local students with the Duke Chinese Department. Cole is currently the Outreach Coordinator for the Black China Caucus, where he is expanding programming to increase the pipeline of Black students entering the China career space. He aspires to diversify the scope of U.S.-China relations through education and diplomacy. Cole is from the United States.

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    Courtney GehleSouth Africa

    University of Pretoria

    Courtney Luise Gehle is the co-founder of The Greenline, a youth-led environmental organisation, and The Better Tomorrow Movement, an award-winning organisation supporting youth to execute and scale impactful community projects. She currently serves on the leadership team of Global Changemakers and as a director of Brightest Young Minds, two organisations that work to develop the capacity of young people to drive solutions to challenges experienced in their communities. Her work has impacted young people in over 125 countries.
    Courtney’s goal is to develop a programme to facilitate Chinese investments in youth-led businesses and initiatives across Africa. She is from South Africa.

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    Cruz GlynkaUnited Kingdom

    University of Leeds

    Cruz Glynka is a Senior Policy Advisor working within the Civil Service helping the British Government to develop and implement policies as effectively as possible. Cruz has worked in several government departments on several topics, from regulary briefing the Deputy Prime Minster to working in the British Embassy in Beijing. Outside of the Civil Service, Cruz is a keen advocate for local issues and volunteers on several boards of London-based institutions. Cruz wants to further his understanding of China's economic and social development to support further development in the United Kingdom and elsewhere. Cruz is from the United Kingdom.

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    Cyrus YoshimotoUnited States

    University of Tennessee

    Cyrus Yoshimoto founded The Companionship Project to help rally college students in the fight against discrimination and neglect of elders in the local community at the University of Tennessee. As vice-president of Student Advocates for Medicine in Politics, he worked with renowned guest speakers to help educate future medical professionals. He also helped train over 250 new volunteers at Young-Williams Animal Shelter as a volunteer leader. Lastly, as a Rising Leader for the Tourette Association of America, Cyrus speaks to his state's senators and house representatives annually to contribute to research funding and services for the Tourette's community. Cyrus is from the United States.

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    Diana IshaqatJordan

    Middle East University

    Diana Ishaqat is a development practitioner, a researcher, and an artist. She wrote winning proposals to the Jordanian government to establish the country’s and the region’s first bachelor's degrees in novel computing areas, including Cloud Computing, contributed to the United Nations 2021 Climate Change Conference Youth Climate Manifesto, and was selected for research and leadership programs in more than 10 countries in the Middle East, Europe, North America, and East Asia. She is a former Chevening Scholar and has published articles about social justice-linked subjects such as working women, anti-vaccination narratives among refugees and host communities, and social media and peacebuilding in Jordan. Diana is from Jordan.

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    Dimitria Giovanna Costa FerreiraBrazil

    Universidade de Brasília

    Dimitria Giovanna Costa Ferreira is a linguistic rights activist and holds a bachelor's degree in Languages and Literature from the University of Brasília. She has more than five years of experience in the communications sector, having worked at the Federal Senate of Brazil and in the private sector. She currently works at the United Nations Development Programme. Dimitria is also the founder of Soror, an institution focused on eradicating gender-based violence in Brazil through technology, empowerment, and assistance. At Schwarzman Scholars, she aims to understand China's public policies, especially related to linguistic planning and women's rights. Dimitria is from Brazil.

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    Edris TajikAfghanistan

    Bard College

    Edris Tajik is a senior at Bard College majoring in Political Science. He has spent the past four years of his life on peace-building and youth-empowerment projects by working and leading non-profits in Afghanistan. As a result of his work, Edris has trained 240 students on Model United Nations as well as 120 students on peace-building and implemented six community-based projects. Edris is a Generation Change fellow at the United States Institute of Peace, and he is currently interning with National Committee on American Foreign Policy. He intends to pursue a career in international relations. Edris is from Afghanistan.

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    Edward TanSingapore

    University of Pennsylvania

    Edward Tan will graduate from Harvard University in 2023 with a master’s in Regional Studies: East Asia. There, he was an editor at the Harvard Kennedy School Singapore Policy Journal. He received his bachelor’s from the University of Pennsylvania studying International Relations. He has served as a Singapore Armed Forces Commando. During his internships at the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS), he examined Air Defense Identification Zones and potential pathways to a sustainable aviation industry. As a current CAAS public service scholar, he is responsible for international policymaking and diplomatic engagement between CAAS and international organizations. Edward is from Singapore.

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    Eka KhorbaladzeRussia

    Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University

    Eka Khorbaladze is Ph.D. student at MSU majoring in International Relations. Eka was raised in the oldest village of human civilization, Dmanisi, Georgia. She interned at MFA, EAEU, Foreign Affairs journal, and worked for research centers. Eka is representative of Russia at Global Youth Parliament, Global Law Thinkers Society, expert at World Impact Alliance and member of APSA. Eka is Fox International Fellow 2021-2023 at Yale University. As Schwarzman Scholar, she will study China’s role in shaping modern world order. After her year in Beijing, Eka plans to work at the UN ESCAP. Eka is from Georgia and Russia.

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    Elisabeth RülkeUnited States

    Princeton University

    Elisabeth Rülke is a physics major with a certificate in Computational and Applied Mathematics at Princeton University. Born and raised in London with a German father and a Chinese mother, she is a Zuckerman Scholar, Thomas Nichols Jr Scholar, Peter Flood Crossman Scholar, and won both The Pyka Prize for Physics & The Bell-Burnell Prize for Physics. After working at NASA in 2021, she became interested in space technology and entrepreneurship and worked in the tech coverage group at Barclays Investment Bank. Elisabeth is from the United States.

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    Elise KarinshakUnited States

    University of Georgia

    Elise Karinshak is a senior at the University of Georgia majoring in Data Science and Marketing with a minor in Studio Art. She has presented research at international conferences addressing artificial intelligence-mediated communication, digital environments, and disinformation and was awarded the Goldwater Scholarship for excellence in computer science. On campus, Elise founded CodeHub to support students in learning to code and collaborate on projects, and she leads Paw Print Agency, which develops marketing campaigns for local nonprofit organizations. She plans to continue research investigating the design of digital platforms. Elise is from the United States.

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    Evgeniia SablinaRussia

    Udmurtskiy Gosudarstvennyy Universitet

    Evgeniia Sablina graduated from Udmurtskiy Gosudarstvennyy Universitet where she studied International Relations. While there, she studied abroad at the University of Helsinki and has completed an environmental internship in the U.S. funded by the U.S. Department on State's Bureau on Educational and Cultural Affairs. She is focused on enhancing green cooperation between Russia and worldwide. Evgeniia has participated in many international forums, including EU Study Weeks and KazanSummit. Currently, Evgeniia is the Attaché Assistant at the Royal Thai Embassy in Moscow, promoting cooperation between Russia and Southeast Asia states. Her credo is, "if you want to go far, you should go together." Evgeniia is from Russia.

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    Frank Najarro-Izquierdo is an assistant director of qualitative research at a global consumer insights firm where he specializes in using qualitative methodologies to discover actionable insights for his clients. Before entering consumer insights, he conducted social research focusing on population aging and the role elders can play in our future. Through Schwarzman Scholars, he wants to learn from Chinese social infrastructure models on the integration of elders into society and help translate this knowledge for countries that will soon be facing the same reality. Frank is from the United States.

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    Gabriel SoutoBrazil

    Brazilian Institute of Education, Development, and Research

    Gabriel Araújo Souto earned a bachelor of Law in Brazil. Passionate about technology and public policy, he co-founded the Laboratory of Public Policy and Internet, a renowned Brazilian think tank. Author of multiple papers and a scholarly book, he gave oral arguments before Brazil’s Congress and Supreme Court. Gabriel was also a speaker at the University of Oxford. Gabriel is a Portulans Institute Fellow, and his leadership was recognized by the American Bar Association and ICANN’s NextGen. As a Schwarzman Scholar, he will foster Brazil-China, BRICS, and global relations to improve access to technology in his country. Gabriel is from Brazil.

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    Grace MitchellUnited States

    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

    Grace Mitchell studied East Asian Languages and Cultures and Political Science at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). While at UIUC, she had multiple leadership roles in Kappa Alpha Pi Professional Pre-Law Fraternity and served as their president. Her love of dance found a home in UIUC’s Salsa and Bachata Team, where she was the director of operations. Passionate about women’s rights and equity, Grace researched gender inequalities in East Asia and wishes to develop this into legal aid work promoting women’s rights. She has also done Second Language Acquisition research on Mandarin Chinese. Grace is from the United States.

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    Hannah BlairUnited States

    Middlebury College

    Hannah Blair works at Collaborative Labeling and Appliance Standards Program East Africa on climate change mitigation policies in more than seventy countries. She focuses on United Nations environmental conventions, ensuring an equitable global transition to clean energy. She studied International Relations with a focus on Latin America and Global Health at Middlebury College. Throughout her academic career, Hannah held internships at Gardens for Health International, Global Brigades, the U.S. Embassy in El Salvador, and assisted in a research project in Ethiopia. She was awarded a Princeton in Africa Fellowship after graduation and spent two years in Botswana working on HIV-prevention programs. Hannah is from the United States.

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    Hans MulyawanIndonesiaIndonesia

    National University of Singapore

    Hans Sebastian Mulyawan will graduate from the National University of Singapore with a bachelor's in Industrial Systems Engineering and Management. As the Secretary-General of the Indonesian Students’ Association in Singapore, Hans led digital and structural transformation initiatives that eight-folded community participation. He headed an investment analyst team at NUS, produced NUANSA, a musical production promoting cultural transfer, and founded huCap, an ed-tech startup for the underprivileged. His achievements were recognized by the Republic of Indonesia's Presidential Executive Office and McKinsey & Co. Through Schwarzman Scholars, he hopes to explore Chinese perspectives on accessible educational systems. Hans is from Indonesia

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